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      Kai Hong Plastic Co.,Ltd.,Suzhou is builded in 2003.This is a focus on plastic products and electrical plastic components,wacuum cleaner hose assembly business now.

        The company occupies 33,000 square meters.The existing plant area is 11333 square meters.There are more than 250 people working in tne company.More than 30 persons are college education.The average age of the management team is 29.5 years.It is a young,vibrant business.
        Recent years ,Kai Hong is continuously accepting the challenge , striving  for excellence . Now Kai Hong has obtained rightful recognition with excellent quality of product, perfect delivery and service .From  more than 200 million of the inception to 3,500 million in 2010 (expected).We have  achieved double of the annual sales  in four years.

        Suzhou is located in the Yangtze River Delta of the economic hinterland.Factories of fortune 500 companies have been setted up here.
      Kai Hong company has establish stable relations of cooperation with a number of customers at present.Especially in recent years,the company has further in-depth with the cooperation of companies such as the United States.The future development of company will be structural changed:the transition from a single processing for the production of high and new,refined products manufacturing enterprises.

        Our vision and objectives is relying on the economic advantages of Suzhou to catch up the sales volume of spring Rubber Hose Co.,Ltd.Jinhua in five years .Improving the quality and content of products,changing a single supplier of vacuum cleaners matching model to strive for the own brand of Machine manufacturer of appliance.

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      Contact Addressݿ޹˾ Zip Code215006 Phone0512-66932982 Fax0512-66931152

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